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Anitec offers customized solutions based on a building's needs and aims at doing so, as energy-efficient as possible, so that the environmental footprint is kept to a minimum and the total cost of ownership is both foreseeable and minimized. Whether it is a matter of finding the ideal way for air to enter the structure, be exhausted from the structure, or be circulated inside the structure, Anitec has the correct answer to your ventilation needs.

Anitec offers a wide range of poultry ventilation systems for the modern poultry industry. Below you can see our top picks. For more information please download the product catalog.

EM Series


The EM fan series is a well-recognized and proven product series forming part of the Euroemme® product family and is the ideal exhaust fan whenever extra high airflow capacity is required. The unique propeller design is self-cleaning and allows the highest efficiency to be reached, features which characterize the high quality and excellent performance of Euroemme fans.

DP Jet

Clima Progress

Air inlet



The efficiency of the MagFan is undeniable. MagFan holds the record as the best ever tested fan at Bess Labs, University of Illinois.

MagFan and MagFan Plus comes with a dedicated variable frequency drive (MagDrive) that allows for a speed range reaching from 160 to 750 rpm. MagFan motor and MagDrive are UL/ULc listed and can run on both 50Hz and 60Hz power grids.

MagFan ONe is an on/off fan but can also operate via any variable frequency drive. The MagFan ONe motor is UL/ULc listed and can run on both 50Hz and 60Hz power grids.

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