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ANITEC is a dynamically growing company that was established in 2009. The company was founded by Ilias Alexiou, a veterinarian who has served the Greek and Cypriot commercial poultry industry for many decades and from many different job positions.

Our Founder’s vision has always been to create a forward-looking company that can provide specialized and high quality products and services in the field of animal production.

Ambition of the company is to develop modern and profitable business solutions for its clients, through the provision of innovative ideas and turnkey solutions in the field of sustainable animal production.

ANITEC, drawing on the advanced scientific knowledge and technical expertise of its staff and associates provides:

  • Consulting services on breeding, veterinary, health and nutrition issues.
  • Expertise and technical solutions in specialized management topics for animal growers.
  • Design of integrated solutions and equipment installations for animal farms.
  • Intermediation services between sellers and buyers through company’s global network. 

The basic principles governing the operation of the company are:

  • The development of stable and long term business relationships
  • The commitment to understanding our clients’ real needs in order to design and propose the best possible solutions 
  • The provision of effective and high quality services and products at affordable prices
  • Professional customer support for any kind of problem
  • The reliability and absolute accountability, both before but especially after delivery
  • Creating and maintaining a safe and rewarding work environment for all employees.
  • The total commitment to corporate social responsibility towards the environment and the local community.

Anitec is not just a supplier.
It’s your main strategic partner.