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We upgrade your future

We provide a wide variety of products and services in the poultry production sector.

Unique Technologies

Design of integrated solutions and equipment installations for animal farms.

Experienced Team

Expertise and technical solutions in specialized management topics for animal growers.


Consulting services on breeding, veterinary, biosecurity and nutrition issues.
Our Roots

40 Years of Experience

ANITEC is a dynamically growing company that was established in 2009. The company was founded by Ilias Alexiou family, a veterinarian who has served the Greek and Cypriot commercial poultry industry for many decades and from many different job positions.


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We Offer Superior Products & Services

Ambition of the company is to develop modern and profitable business solutions for its clients, through the provision of innovative ideas and turnkey solutions in the field of sustainable animal production.

Quality Services

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Building Staffs

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What is Anitec?

We are a greek company based in Nea Artaki, Evia, trading poultry products and services. These products and services have been first tested and proven to bring results in our own poultry farms.

Our company supplies and provides technical support mainly to professional and amateur poultry farmers, of breeder, broiler and layer farms, as well as producers of other animal species.

Everything about poultry farm equipment. Feeders, drinkers, weighers, classical or alternative housing systems, heating, cooling and ventilation systems, as well as electrical and automation panels

Everything about hatchery equipment. Setters and hatchers, complete climate controls, egg storage, transfer, candling, disinfection and fumigation machines, basket and tray washers well as spare parts for all the above.

Everything about table and hatching egg collection and management. Automatic or manual nests, slats, packers, sorting, printing and placement in egg cases or hatching crates machines.

Packaging and transportation products such as recycled pet and paper egg packaging, transport crates, etc

Nutrition supplements for problem-free breeding.

Wide range of cleaners, disinfectants and litter conditioners

At Anitec you will find a reliable and highly qualified partner who is able to provide you with:

  • Consulting services on breeding, veterinary, nutrition and biosecurity issues
  • Design and construction of poultry farms
  • Solutions for specialized production farm management issues
  • Design and construction of hatcheries
  • Solutions for specialized hatchery management issues

Meet The Team

Get to know the team that gets the job done.

Petros Alexiou

Petros Alexiou


Thanos Alexiou

Thanos Alexiou

Project Manager

Periklis Zaginas

Periklis Zaginas

Sales Manager

Latest Projects

Take a look at a small sample of our completed projects in the poultry sector

Α. Αθανασίου Παραγωγός

Υπήρξε άριστη επικοινωνία σε πολύ τακτά χρονικά διαστήματα που απέφερε ένα πολύ ωραίο αποτέλεσμα.

Λ. Δημητριάδης Προμηθευτής

Η συνεργασία με την Anitec ήταν μια ευχάριστη εμπειρία. Άριστη εντύπωση σε όλα τα επίπεδα.

Ε. Παναγιώτου Πτηνοτρόφος

­­Η εταιρία μας έμεινε πολύ ικανοποιημένη τόσο από το προσωπικό της Anitec όσο και από το συνολικό αποτέλεσμα όλου του έργου.

Α. Πέτρου Πτηνοτρόφος

Άψογη συνεργασία, αυστηρή τήρηση χρονοδιαγραμμάτων, επαγγελματισμός στην εκπόνηση του έργου.

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